【Trailer】“Back On Stage III: DESTINY” - FESTIVAL OPENING FILM of "Life is Art 2021"


“Per aspera ad astra. Wherever destiny takes us, we always have the freedom to look up to the stars.”

“Back On Stage III: DESTINY” was filmed in Nov 2020 with a live audience, when the City Hall Concert Hall was temporarily opened. Conductor Christoph Poppen and cellist Aurélien Pascal made their way to Hong Kong from Munich and Paris respectively, when the two cities were still very much in limbo. They went through 14 days of hotel quarantine before the first rehearsal.

In this concert, Hong Kong Sinfonietta takes you on a journey through three great works, all tied to the theme of destiny: Mendelssohn’s Ruy Blas Overture – a tragic story of an illicit relationship. Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No 1 – a personal song of lonely hardship, struggles and dreams. And Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 – which starts with fate knocking at the door, and ends in a wave of positive euphoria.

The film carries a message through its music, images, and dialogue: Per aspera ad astra – from the dust to the stars. Destiny need not be gloom. Having hope in the midst of uncertainty is one of the most powerful aspects of life, and particularly relevant during the global pandemic.

Book now: https://bit.ly/3lXSOGn

~Screening Schedule~
MOViE MOViE Pacific Place
27.8.2021 (Fri) | 7pm (Festival Première)
27.8.2021 (Fri) | 7:30pm (Festival Première)
8.9.2021 (Wed) | 7pm*
6.10.2021 (Wed) | 7:05pm (Additional Screening)

5.9.2021 (Sun) | 1pm*

14.9.2021 (Tue) | 7pm*
12.10.2021 (Tue) | 7pm (Additional Screening)

*With post-screening sharing session:
– Margaret Yang (CEO, Hong Kong Sinfonietta) [5/9]
– James Cuddeford (Concertmaster, Hong Kong Sinfonietta) [8/9, 14/9]
– Christoph Poppen (Principal Guest Conductor, Hong Kong Sinfonietta) [14/9 – online]

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